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Subject: Re: [xcbf] Revised XCBF Charter doc

While I appreciate the efforts here, I do want to stress
that changing the charter, which is essentially the TC
request required by OASIS to establish XCBF should not 
be our goal here. Remember the document to be produced 
should be titled "Purpose".

Our goal should be to try to create text and presentation
materials that we can use to promote the work of the TC,
and to better explain in a manner as plain as possible
what XCBF is all about. 

I think the industry use that Tyky is interesting and 
important. But I would point out that the basis of most
of the media attention XCBF has received so far is almost
totally related to the use of biometrics for security and
identity. That I believe should be our primary message.

I'm still in Barcelona until Monday, after which time I
will have an inexpensive means of uploading some materials
I can not cheaply or reliably do from here. I have the
basis of a slide presentation that has been developed to
explain CBEFF/X9.84, but before XCBF. This may help us
to focus a bit. Also, I will upload a schema document
soon that I'm developing in conjunction with X9F to
attempt to align X9.84 schema with BIR 1.0.


John Larmouth wrote:
> Comments in attachment.
> John L
> Tyky Aichelen wrote:
> >
> > Dear XCBF team,
> > Here is my revision of the above doc as we had discussed. Please review it
> > urgently and let Phil, John, and I know about your comments.
> > (It is urgent because Phil has an interview tomorrow).
> > No word from you by tomorrow mean  you agree. Would Phil , please , update
> > then the Web site with this revised version? Thanks.
> > Best regards.
> > Tyky Aichelen
> > Member OASIS XCBF TC
> >
> > (See attached file: XCBFCharter.doc)
> >
> >   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> >                       Name: XCBFCharter.doc
> >    XCBFCharter.doc    Type: WINWORD File (application/msword)
> >                   Encoding: BASE64
> --
>    Prof John Larmouth
>    Larmouth T&PDS Ltd
>    (Training and Protocol Development Services)
>    1 Blueberry Road
>    Bowdon                               j.larmouth@salford.ac.uk
>    Cheshire WA14 3LS                    Tel: +44 161 928 1605
>    England                              Fax: +44 161 928 8069
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                       Name: XCBFCharter.doc
>    XCBFCharter.doc    Type: Winword File (application/msword)
>                   Encoding: BASE64

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