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Subject: [xcbf] Initial drafts of all deliverables

Hi Team,
Happy upcoming Easter to you all!
It is is quiet out there! If we want to meet our stated deadline of May 30
for "Initials drafts of all deliverables", we need to get going.
When is our mtg #2? To speed up, we may consider to meet in persons in a
one-or-two-full-day session to agree on the skeletons of those initial
drafts, and nail them down in writing. Once agreed and written down, we can
divide up the chapters writing work, assignable to each of us. This one, we
can do it, each at our own pace and location.
I can be the host for our next face-to-face mtg, if you, folks, do not mind
traveling to IBM site in San Jose (Northern California).
Does anyone have an alternative?
I am polling to see how many of us in XCBF are interested in quartely
face-to-face working sessions and can travel.
Best regards,
Tyky Aichelen

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