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Subject: [xcbf] XCBF schema - first pass

Here's a zip that contains a first pass at
our schema. Note that there are several 
changes from the X9.84 schema labeled "PHG".
These have not yet been submitted to X9F4
as suggested errata and should be discussed
here before I proceed.

There's a CMS module I've not yet looked at.
But it is supposed to align with X9.73 which
is under ballot. I'll review it next to make
sure that the schema we specify for our CMS 
types aligns with that in X9.73, as the X9.73
ASN.1 will be used in the XML version of CMS
to be defined in X9.96 XML CMS.

I'm editor of X9.96, and you will recall that
we will rely on this schema, security processing
and requirements for our XCBF work.


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