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Subject: [xcbf] Next Meeting Arrangements

Dear XCBF Members,

The next meeting of our group was scheduled 
initially to be a one day face to face held
in NJ. There has also been a gracious offer
made to hold this meeting in San Jose, CA.

But several members have contacted me off line
and proposed that the meeting be held over the
internet using NetMeeting, so that travel time
and cost could be held to a minimum.

Reasons cited for holding the meeting in this
manner include: a) it is better and much less
expensive than an audio conference, b) it is
immensely less expensive than face-to-face, 
c) our primary editor is well experienced with
conduct of such meetings, and d) NetMeeting will
maintain detailed on-line minutes during the 

So, could you please take a moment to respond 
and note your preference and your intention to
attend the May 16 XCBF meeting:

  A) Face to face in NJ

  B) Face to face in CA

  C) NetMeeting


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