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Subject: Re: [xcbf] Next Meeting Arrangements

On Wed, 10 Apr 2002, Phil Griffin wrote:

> Dear XCBF Members,
> The next meeting of our group was scheduled
> initially to be a one day face to face held
> in NJ. There has also been a gracious offer
> made to hold this meeting in San Jose, CA.
> But several members have contacted me off line
> and proposed that the meeting be held over the
> internet using NetMeeting, so that travel time
> and cost could be held to a minimum.
> Reasons cited for holding the meeting in this
> manner include: a) it is better and much less
> expensive than an audio conference, b) it is
> immensely less expensive than face-to-face,
> c) our primary editor is well experienced with
> conduct of such meetings, and d) NetMeeting will
> maintain detailed on-line minutes during the
> meeting.
> So, could you please take a moment to respond
> and note your preference and your intention to
> attend the May 16 XCBF meeting:
>   A) Face to face in NJ
>   B) Face to face in CA
>   C) NetMeeting

The meeting was to be held here in NJ at OSS Nokalva, but I am equally
happy to have it via NetMeeting.  I've used it before for standards
meetings and found it to work just fine.

Bancroft Scott                               Toll Free    :1-888-OSS-ASN1
OSS Nokalva                                  International:1-732-302-0750
baos@oss.com                                 Tech Support :1-732-302-9669 x-1
1-732-302-9669 x-200                         Fax          :1-732-302-0023

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