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Subject: [xcbf] Questions on May 16th net meeting

Has it now been officially decided that the XCBF meeting coming up on the 16th of May will use NetMeeting?  If so, can someone provide any information on what is required for this?  If have the NetMeeting application on my PC and a T-1 connection and a microphone and speakers for my PC.  Is anything else required?  It would be good to know soon so that the equipment can be obtained prior to the meeting.
Also, when will the documents for discussion be available for review?
Ed Day
Principal Engineer
Objective Systems, Inc.
(484) 875-3020 (main)
(610) 608-4930 (mobile)
(610) 321-0361 (fax)
(877) 307-6855 (toll-free)


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