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xcbf message

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Subject: Re: [xcbf][Fwd:I-DACTION:draft-nagpal-biometric-digital-signature-00.txt]

Alessandro Triglia wrote:
> At 2002/05/16 16:01 +0100, John Larmouth wrote:
> >This is quite interesting!  He admits it is not possible yet!
> This proposal is very far from reality.  The probability of getting two
> identical biometric samples from the same person are very low, for any
> biometric technique,

No, I don't think so.  For hand geometry, I think we could be close to
doing what he wants, and possibly for fingerprints, where they count
cusps and whorls etc.  But for retina and iris stuff, I agree with you -
we are nowhere near being able to do it.

> OSS Nokalva's biometrics toolkit will support all the techniques of
> encryption, digital enveloping, digital signing, and MAC-based
> authentication that are defined in X9.84.

My biggest problem with both X9.84 and the BIR is the failure to
separate the payload from the biometric data.  But that is a different

But in summary, I said in my original:

> >We should not waste time on this.

And I think that still stands.

John L

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