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Subject: XCBF 5/16/2002: [xcbf] Reference Documents

There are a few normative references I would recomend we consider:
(1) For definitions, see ISO/IEC 11179 (See .zip attached).
(2) For keywords, see RFC 2119 (Source: 
http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2119.txt?number=2119 or
(3) For conformance terminology to consider using, see OASIS Conformance
TC at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/ioc/.    (See attached .pdf -
Draft released in March 2002).
Monica J. Martin
Program Manager 
Drake Certivo, Inc.
-----Original Message----- 
From: Phil Griffin 
Sent: Thu 5/16/2002 9:47 AM 
To: xcbf 
Subject: [xcbf] Meeting Documents

	Here are the documents you will need for the meeting.
	Not a formal agenda, but there will be an opportunity
	to discuss other issues as you wish as time allows.
	I have estimated that this first meeting will last
	one hour. I have no clue whatsoever if this is too
	much time at this stage in the work or far too
	little. We will test and adjust.

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Attachment: conformance_requirements-v05.pdf
Description: conformance_requirements-v05.pdf

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