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Subject: [xcbf] Re: E-mail discussions following our meeting

I am writing as Editor.

We seemed to agree that my document was the current base document,
although there was little discussion on this.

I will be the first to agree that it is in pretty poor shape at present,
so detailed comments on it may not be useful.  Certainly it has not been
passed through clause by clause, and blood spilled over it, so it is a
long way from an agreed document.

None-the-less, comments of a global nature on the direction it is taking
and the structure it is indicating could be useful.  (Particularly any
major disagreements with the approach and direction.)

It would also be useful, as far as is currently possible (given its
current state) if e-mail discussions could be based around specific
proposals for the addition of actual text, either to existing clauses or
as new clauses or appendices.  I will try to incorporate such text (and
comments from others on proposed text) for review at a future meeting.


John L

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