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Subject: [xcbf] Re: E-mail discussions following our meeting ALSO

Also John, I will create a spot on the web page that
can hold your latest document. To archive our work though,
you should post the latest when you see fit from time to
time in a ZIP format and ask me to update the web page
accordingly. This will log activity within OASIS and 
keep the document where anyone can get a look.


John Larmouth wrote:
> I am writing as Editor.
> We seemed to agree that my document was the current base document,
> although there was little discussion on this.
> I will be the first to agree that it is in pretty poor shape at present,
> so detailed comments on it may not be useful.  Certainly it has not been
> passed through clause by clause, and blood spilled over it, so it is a
> long way from an agreed document.
> None-the-less, comments of a global nature on the direction it is taking
> and the structure it is indicating could be useful.  (Particularly any
> major disagreements with the approach and direction.)
> It would also be useful, as far as is currently possible (given its
> current state) if e-mail discussions could be based around specific
> proposals for the addition of actual text, either to existing clauses or
> as new clauses or appendices.  I will try to incorporate such text (and
> comments from others on proposed text) for review at a future meeting.
> Thanks.
> John L

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