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Subject: [xcbf] Biometrics web service


Looking at a proposed ASN.1 based WSDL web service for
biometrics for an X9.84 meeting next week in California
and I have a question. Isn't

    <xsd:complexType name="PrivacyHTTPResponseType">
           name="privacyObjectResponse" type="xsd:string"/>

the same thing as saying something like

    PrivacyHTTPResponseType ::= SEQUENCE {
       privacyObjectResponse  UTF8String

Seems that it would be. It's just hard to imagine why
anyone would want to use the former instead of the
later. Maybe it's what I'm used to seeing, but the
later would seem to be arguably easier to read, write,
and comprehend.

Maybe I've overlooked something. I recall your mentioning
something during a break in Baltimore at the MoU MG meeting
last week about the ability to carry all of the UTF8
characters in XML that are allowed in ASN.1 encodings. Do
you recall this discussion?


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