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Subject: Re: [xcbf] MoU MG Presentation on ASN.1/XML

The power-point slides associated with this will soon be on the MoU
pages.  In the interim, here they are.

The Recommendations from the meeting are:

02/07 (6.4): It is recommended that RELAX NG, ASN.1, and XSD be
considered as important and to some extent complementary candidates for
XML schema definitions.
02/08 (6.4): It is recommended that groups producing XML schemas for
E-business should consider parallel specification using at least two of
the above in order to maximize the tools available to developers, and in
order to benefit from efficient binary encoding (currently available
only in ASN.1).

02/09 (6.4): It is recommended that standard setting bodies do not
further extend their standards where the area is already covered by one
of the above (for example, binary encoding for XML).

John L

John L

Phil Griffin wrote:
> http://isotc.iso.ch/livelink/livelink/fetch/2000/2489/Ittf_Home/MoU-MG/Moumg105Rev1.pdf??Redirect=1
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