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Subject: [xcbf] Documents for OASIS (new Class A liaison to SC6)

Hi Jooran,

I have to confess ignorance about the precise privileges that Class A
liaisons get.

Are OASIS now entitled to receive copies of all documents placed on the
SC6 Web-site?

If "no", end of story!

If "yes", then will you automatically notify them of new documents (and
send them a copy) as you usually do for National Bodies in SC6?

Again, if "yes", who in OASIS will you be adding to your e-mail
notifications of new documents?

I have been asked to raise this, as the XCBF group in OASIS is anxious
to have copies of the latest ASN.1 work on the encoding control
amendment to XER, and I was not sure whether I could give them copies or


John L

   Prof John Larmouth
   Larmouth T&PDS Ltd
   (Training and Protocol Development Services)
   1 Blueberry Road                     
   Bowdon                               j.larmouth@salford.ac.uk
   Cheshire WA14 3LS                    Tel: +44 161 928 1605
   England				Fax: +44 161 928 8069

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