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Subject: Re: [xcbf] SignedData Attributes - DigitalSignature Attributes

On Mon, 12 Aug 2002, Phil Griffin wrote:

> I agree that such work should not appear to be
> so secretive.

Phil, as you well know, the ITU-T study groups, including SG17 (of which
ASN.1 is a part), are wide open and anyone who wishes to participate can
do so.

> If as John has stated XCBF is a
> primary and important user of this technology
> then the XCBF list would be a good one keep
> notified of developments.

Perhaps John should not have made mention of VXER since the term was
invented just last week in an online meeting, is not yet widely known, and
because it hasn't yet been discussed in a Rapporteur's meeting; it has
been discussed only in last week's online pre-meeting that precedes the
meeting next month in Paris and in subsequent emails.  I myself found out
about it at exactly the same time as you last week when John (or perhaps
Alessandro or Olivier, I forget) sent you and me email saying what VXER

My own preference is to have the ASN.1 group work through major proposals
at least in a Rapporteur's meeting before broadcasting the results.  Lots
of ideas get tossed back and forth in the group via email and in online
meetings which that occur between the Rapporteur's meetings.  I prefer for
things to be at least a little bit matured within the group before making
announcements to XCBF or other interested groups.  Just my preferences.

As always, anyone who wishes to keep their fingers on the pulse of what is
going on in the ASN.1 group from week to week are more than welcomed to
join the group.


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