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Subject: [xcbf] [Fwd: Examples]

FYI. I'm designing the following text for use in
X9.84 as examples. We may also be able to make use
of it in XCBF. This shows how the vendor format
field might be used to convey additional information
cryptographically bound to a biometric template that
can be used by an identification application or system
to authenticate a user.

I'll post a second security information object example
soon. Nothing here is syntax checked, so if you see any
glaring errors please sing out.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Examples
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 07:23:34 -0400
From: Phil Griffin <phil.griffin@asn-1.com>
Organization: Griffin Consulting - http://ASN-1.com
To: Jeff Stapleton <jstapleton@kpmg.com>


See http://asn-1.com/x984.htm at the bottom for
an example of how to use the vendor specific
format field to bind account information to a
biometric template. You should borrow this into

A second example may be nice. I was thining that
a PrivacyAnd Integrity object might be used to
carry a Security Information Object from some
work I did with Karan Randall on ISO-IEC 15816
- X.841 Security Information Objects for
Access Control.

This would show the generality of the design.
I'll work this into my web pages and give you
a note when I'm done.


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