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Subject: [xcbf] [Fwd: SJC OASIS Meeting Tomorrow - Thursday August 22nd @12noon EDT]

FYI. Monica will discuss the following at the
SJC meeting tomorrow.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: SJC OASIS Meeting Tomorrow - Thursday August 22nd @ 
12noon EDT
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 20:30:21 -0400
From: Phil Griffin <phil.griffin@asn-1.com>
Organization: Griffin Consulting - http://ASN-1.com
To: Security Joint Committee <security-jc@lists.oasis-open.org>

Sponsor  : Waveset Technologies
Dial-in #: 888-742-8686
         ID: 5250215

Proposed Agenda for August 22, 2002 SJC Meeting

1. Call meeting to order

2. Introductions

3. Appoint secretary to take meeting minutes

4. Approve proposed agenda

5. Discuss the OASIS submission dates and calendar, which
     the OASIS board is reviewing.

6. Discuss the SPML and SAML question DR posed to the SJC in


7. Discuss proposed SJC charter

- Darran Rolls draft proposals: refine/accept

The Security Joint Committee (SJC) has been formed to coordinate
security related activities under OASIS.  On mm/dd/yyyy the SJC
agreed on the following four major goals for this JC:

To promote the use of consistent terms

     Through consultation with, and the participation of member
     TC's, to encourage new and developing TC's to use consistent
     terms when defining security related items in specification

To promote re-use

     To provide a forum that promotes the definition and
     identification of re-usable security related specification
     elements.  Security related specification elements are defined
     as (but are not limited to) object models, use cases, extensible
     XML elements and deployment profiles.

To champion an OASIS security standards model

     To champion the creation of a reference model that shows how
     OASIS security TC specifications are inter-related.  This
     reference model shall define how OASIS security related
     specifications "fit together" and relate to other security
     relevant works at W3C, WS-I etc.

To provide consistent PR

     To provide a single point of contact for addressing security
     related enquiries at OASIS and in doing so to help organize
     and coordinate security related comment and PR from OASIS.

- Monica Martin draft proposals: refine/accept

(1). The SJC will promote the mutual respect among all OASIS
committees. The SJC will foster and maintain respect among OASIS
security TCs and for them in the security community at large. The SJC
will maintain a vendor neutral and vendor agnostic view in its
for diverse security technologies.

(2). The SJC will promote public safeguards and believes that
technologies should be used solely for legal, ethical, and
nondiscriminatory purposes. The joint committee is committed to the
highest standards of systems integrity and data security in order to
deter identity theft, protect personal privacy, and ensure equal
under the law in all security applications.

(3). The SJC adheres to, support and comments the OASIS intellectual
property guidelines at
<http://www.oasis-open.org/who/intellectualproperty.shtml> .

8. Report on WS conference

9. Other business

10. Adjourn

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