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Subject: [xcbf] Meeting

Proposed Agenda for Thursday October 3, 2002 SJC Meeting

Dial-in Number: 888-742-8686
Conference ID: 5250215

Call sponsor - Waveset Technologies

1. Call meeting to order

2. Introductions

3. Ask Darran to please take meeting minutes

4. Approve proposed agenda

5. TC Process changes.
   The OASIS Board has just approved a revision to the 
   OASIS TC Process.

6. OASIS liaison with ISO TC68/SC2.

7. SJC Resolutions - proposed initial text; display
   on the web page; process of capture in email and

   Change links to actual text:

   The SJC will foster and maintain respect among OASIS security TCs
   and for them in the security community at large. The SJC will 
   maintain a vendor neutral and vendor agnostic view in its support
   for diverse security technologies.

   The SJC will promote public safeguards and believes that security
   technologies should be used solely for legal, ethical, and 
   nondiscriminatory purposes. The joint committee is committed to 
   the highest standards of systems integrity and data security in 
   order to deter identity theft, protect personal privacy, and 
   ensure equal rights in all security applications.

8. Voting results on proposed SJC charter

9. Pending outcome of (6), discuss proposed invitation
   to TCs to send representatives to SJC and related
   process issues:

   - Process for a security TC becoming a member
   - Classes of membership; voting and observer
   - Leaving the SJC

   Here's a draft invitation that could be sent to the 
   chairs of other OASIS TCs to invite them to join the 
   SJC proposed earlier by Karl:

   OASIS TC Chairs:

   The OASIS Security Joint Committee (SJC) was formed last 
   spring for the purpose of coordinating the technical 
   activities of the various security-related TCs at OASIS. 
   The TCs who are currently members of the JC are:
      - OASIS Access Control (XACML) TC
      - OASIS Commmon Biometric Format (XCBF) TC
      - OASIS Provisioning Services TC
      - OASIS Rights Language TC
      - OASIS Security Services (SAML) TC

   The intent of the SJC has been to invite other OASIS TCs 
   whose work is related to security to join the SJC once the
   SJC gets organized; we now feel that we are ready to extend
   this invitation.

   In accordance with the OASIS TC Process, any OASIS TC who 
   would like to join the SJC may do so by selecting members of 
   the TC to form a liaison subcommittee of the TC, who will then
   represent the TC in the SJC. The TC chair should notify me, 
   the SJC chair, of the names of the people who will represent 
   the TC. I will then issue an invitation to those people to 
   attend the next SJC meeting.

   Feel free to contact me for more information about the SJC,
   or see our web page at 

   (signed and sent by Phil as the SJC chair)

10. TAB meeting update

   - Results of invitation to OASIS TAB for a liaison to SJC
   - Relay context of the meeting with respect to coordination
     or coordination by the SJC (Darran Rolls)

11. FAQ Update

12. Other business

13. Adjourn

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