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Subject: [xcbf] FYI

The following is from a report on the last meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC27 in Warsaw,
Poland last week. This comes from the chair of the US TAG to SC27. One of the
inputs to this NP (National Proposal) is the version of X9.84 (listed by its ISO DIS
number) that we have given input to and helped to revise.  XCBF may be one of the
"other organizations" mentioned below, but I will not know for sure until I see Walter's
letter, but he seemed interested in a "big tent" when I talked with him in Paris at the RSA
conference just before the Warsaw meeting.


Biometric new work item proposal
 The new work item proposa introduced by Germany, Framework for Security Evaluation and Testing of Biometric Technology, was adopted by the Plenary.  This NP was adoped after some modification ( 27n3367.pdf ).  The US voted against this NP and Sheila and I explained to the sponsors - to little avail - the US objections.

 Statements endorsing close cooperation with SC 37, SC 17, TC68/SC2, and possibly other organizations are being prepared for Walter Fumy's signature.  A scan of a draft SC 27 to SC 37 liaison letter is ( 27n3408.txt ).  This draft will be modified to add a sentence that SC 27 has appointed a Liaison Officer, Alice Sturgeon. The Plenary discussion indicated that joint projects and joint work items were envisioned.  The draft proposes a coordination meeting between SC 27 and SC 37.  If SC 37 agrees, this could be before or after the Quebec City SC 27 meeting in April.  Similar coordination meetings with SC 17, TC68/SC2, etc. are also envisioned.

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