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Subject: [xcbf] XCBF Privacy Objects (update)

Attached is an update of the privacy objects section of the
XCBF document. I have made corrects as suggested and
I have added in line XML markup examples.

Comments of any nature are encouraged, especially when
they include suggested text.

I believe that including the XML markup in line makes the
document more clear and certainly makes the work look
more like an XML security document. I've tried to make
these look realistic. But I wish to avoid faking the actual
cryptographic content as much as possible. I tend to think
that including dummy data may mislead readers. So I've
opted to use a placeholder instead, an ellipsis mark.

I'm coming closer to a final document for the review in
Baltimore. I will post this on the web site as soon as I


Attachment: XCBF Privacy Objects November14 2002.zip
Description: Zip compressed data

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