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Subject: [xcbf] [Fwd: [announcement] Member Press Release]

FYI. XER support includes the schema handling 
requirements of XCBF.

The following is brought to you by the ASN.1 Consortium Press Release
Distribution Service

OSS Nokalva Announces XML Support

Somerset, N.J., December 16, 2002 - OSS Nokalva, Inc., the world's leading
developer of ASN.1 software for building data communications applications,
announced today the immediate availability of the OSS ASN.1 Tools for C and
Java with XML support.  A C++ beta version is also currently available.

"We are very excited because our new software allows ASN.1 application
developers to effortlessly encode data in XML," commented Bancroft Scott,
President of OSS Nokalva.  "This creates an exciting opportunity for
developers to maximize their return on investment in robust ASN.1 technology
with the added benefits of XML.  The addition of XML encoding enables XML to
be used in places that are bandwidth constrained such as cell phones, PDAs
and embedded systems.  Developers can now view binary encoded data in human
readable format using XML without sacrificing ASN.1's simple and efficient
message description."

The OSS ASN.1 Tools support the XML addition to ASN.1 as described in
ASN.1:2002.  The tools generate fully XML-standards compliant XML encodings,
giving developers a means of representing ASN.1 values using XML with the
ASN.1 type definition as the schema.  The generated XML is governed by the
XML Encoding Rules (XER) and Canonical XML Encoding Rules (CXER), providing
the user with control over the visual quality of the generated encoding.  It
also allows for the viewing and editing of the encoded data using any tools
that recognize XML independent of ASN.1.

Ana Greenspan, OSS' Director of Sales, stated, "Developers will be very
happy with this new XML-enabled version of the OSS ASN.1 Tools.  Leveraging
the availability of XML skills within the developer base will lead to
shorter development, debugging and maintenance times.  Developers worldwide
have used our tools with confidence for over a decade."

The OSS ASN.1 Tools are currently shipping for a base price of $2,900.  The
product includes complete documentation, on-line help and one year 24 x 7
real time support.  A 30-day free evaluation is available.  For more
information, including purchasing and pricing details, please visit:
www.oss.com, or send email to info@oss.com.

About XER
XER is the latest encoding rule standardized by ITU-T to encode
ASN.1-defined data in XML.

About OSS ASN.1 Tools
The OSS ASN.1 Tools enable you to more accurately and efficiently develop
ASN.1 applications.  The software completely shields the user from the
intricacies of the encoding rules and complexities of manual coding and
debugging.  All software supports the full ASN.1 syntax as described by the
ASN.1:1990, ASN.1:1997 and ASN.1:2002 standards and the following encoding
rules: Basic Encoding Rules (BER), Packed Encoding Rules (PER) (aligned and
unaligned), Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER), Canonical Encoding Rules
(CER), Canonical XML Encoding Rules (CXER), and XML Encoding Rules (XER).

About OSS Nokalva
OSS Nokalva, a privately held company in Somerset, New Jersey, U.S.A.
develops ASN.1, biometrics, and XML based software, and provides consulting
services to support software developers.  OSS Nokalva has been instrumental
in shaping and developing both the standards and technologies that are
changing the communications industry.  For more information, visit
http://www.oss.com, contact our sales department at +1-732-302-9669, or
email info@oss.com.


Alex Dong
Director of Marketing
OSS Nokalva, Inc.
+1 732-302-9669, or email

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