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Subject: Re: [xcbf] [Fwd: [security-jc] submission of OASIS work to ITU-T]

Hi Phil,

Sorry for the delay.  The change-marked word document of the changes made
in the meeting looked good to me.  I approve.

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On Fri, 20 Dec 2002, Phillip H. Griffin wrote:

>   Maybe we'll get a similar opportunity when we finish XCBF.
> Still waiting for Paul and Paul to approve the face to face
> document changes. And MM and BS and JL, I would
> appreciate a quick review and vote please.
> Phil
> -------- Original Message --------
> Security JC:
> FYI - I have been approached recently by a representative from the ITU-T 
> central secretariat, Richard Hill, who expressed interest in having 
> OASIS submit some of our completed work for approval under the ITU-T 
> process. OASIS was earlier in the year granted A.4 and A.5 recognition 
> by ITU-T, and they would like to see us take advantage of that 
> recognition by submitting some of our work. (This is similar to what we 
> are doing with the ebXML specs: submitting them to ISO for approval 
> under their process.)
> ITU-T is particularly interested in our security work, as that is a 
> topic that they work on quite a bit. I suggested that perhaps we could 
> submit the SAML, recently approved as an OASIS Standard, and XACML, 
> which we hope will also be approved soon. Richard thought that this 
> would be a good plan, and he and I will discuss how best to do this 
> under the ITU-T process while still allowing OASIS ownership of the work 
> and retaining the right of the OASIS TCs to do further work on the specs.
> -Karl
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