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Subject: RE: FW: [xcbf] My Baltimore homework

Title: Message
The definition of  "biometric"  that you give below is fine.   However, in the introduction to the document we are more interested in introducing the term "Biometrics", not "biometric".  While a "biometric" is a measurable characteristic that can be used to recognize a person, "Biometrics" is the *use* of such characteristics for the purpose of verification or identification.  "Biometric" and "Biometrics" are two different terms.
The three definitions I proposed are definitions of "Biometrics", not of "biometric".  What I was saying in Baltimore is that the introduction should say what Biometrics is, not what a biometric is.
The Definitions section should contain both "Biometrics" and "biometric", in my opinion.
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From: Phillip H. Griffin [mailto:phil.griffin@asn-1.com]
Sent: Saturday, January 04, 2003 06:22
To: Alessandro Triglia
Subject: Re: FW: [xcbf] My Baltimore homework

Here's another from X9.84:2003.

A measurable biological or behavioral characteristic, which reliably distinguishes
one person from another, used to recognize the identity, or verify the claimed
identity, of an enrollee.

This makes me think that our current definition came from X9.84:2001,

A measurable, physical characteristic or personal behavioral trait used to
authenticate the claimed identity of an enrollee.

And thinking back on all this, I'm prettry sure we must have started out
using the Biometric Consortium definition, then responded a couple of
times to reviewer comments. But of all of those you listed and those I
list above, I really prefer the new X9.84:2003 definition, as it ties itself
nicely to another of our definition terms, enrollee.

Are there other definition terms that we should also look at? I think that
when I made the final pass on this version of the document, and I cut out
everything that I could not find us actually using, that I must have addressed
some of the concerns you raised in Baltimore.

Alessandro Triglia wrote:
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From: Alessandro Triglia [mailto:sandro@oss.com] 
Sent: Friday, January 03, 2003 23:46
Subject: [xcbf] My Baltimore homework

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From: Phillip H. Griffin [mailto:phil.griffin@asn-1.com]
Sent: Friday, December 20, 2002 15:27
To: Monica Martin
Subject: Re: [xcbf] [Fwd: [security-jc] submission of OASIS work to 

Monica the notes follow from the XCBF meeting. And yes,
this name refers to the keyName component.


OASIS XCBF Meeting Notes - Baltimore, MD USA December 9, 2002

1. Change X9.84 references from 2002 to 2003.

2. Alessadro will post URLs to the XCBF list of public M1
   document containing defintions of terms that do not agree
   with some of the ones in our XCBF document.
I have identified a simple and useful document at the following URL:


   After review, we should suggest places in the XCBF document
   where it would be beneficial to refer to these M1 definitions.

   NOTE: All of the yellow highlighted terms in the current
   document indicate that I can find no location in the text
   where they are referenced. So these are all candidates for
   deletion. The question marks in the terms indicate that
   this definition is merely included because it is a term
   used only by one of the yellow terms. These will be deleted
   if the parent term is removed.

3. Search for use of "template" and see if we can better qualify
   our usage with "reference" or "sample", etc.

   NOTE: There were three uses of template outside of the
   definitions and terms. I inserted the word "reference"
   at all three locations to qualify.

4. Need to define cryptographic and security terms. Need to try to
   show where term definition comes from by using a reference in the
   definition of the term. We should use the most appropriate
   terminology (M1 for biometrics, X9/RFCs for security) for each
   of our terms.

5. Add hypertext links from usage of ASN.1 type names to the text
   area where they are first defined.

   NOTE: The editor attempted this and decided that he does not
   have sufficient bandwidth to accomplish this task.

6. For SignedData certs and crls, we need ECN to allow these
   components to be base64 encoded. Paul Thorpe will provide the
   XML EI.
7. Alessandro will submit for review and discussion a new first
   sentence to the document at lines 22-23 and 65-66 to the list.

   NOTE: Alessandro, please send this to the list.
Here are some samples.

0) The text currently reads:

Biometrics are measurable physical characteristics or 
personal behavioral traits that can be used to recognize the 
identity of an individual, or to verify a claimed identity.

1) First proposal (from the Biometric Consortium website,

Biometrics are automated methods of recognizing a person 
based on a physiological 
or behavioral characteristic. 

2) Second proposal (an older definition from the Biometric 
Consortium website, still preferred by somebody):

Biometrics is a means of automatically recognizing a person 
using distinguishing traits.

3) Third proposal (from OSS Nokalva's BioFoundry web pages,

Biometrics is an open-ended set of technologies based on the 

of some physical characteristics of human beings for the 
purpose of identifying 
an individual or verifying identity.

Please choice one.


"Please choose one"



8. PHG will check consistancy of usage of "component of Type" and
   "component of type Type" throughout document.

   Done. Any changes highlighted with revision changes flagged.

9. Finished Encrypted Content Information. Review should start
   back at line 1195, Fixed Key EncryptedData.

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