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Subject: [xcbf] CS Ballot

I've done an informal pole and from your responses I have
determined that XCBF generally believes it is ready to begin
a ballot for Committee Specification.

Along the way there were several minor errors pointed out
to me. For example, we need to add the following reference
to the document for Base64:

N. Freed and N. Borenstein, Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME)
Part 1: Format of Internet Message Bodies,  
IETF RFC 2045, November 1996.

There are some minor typing errors to fix, and there's Alessandro's
comments on our definition terms to fix. There is the PRIVTE class
definition problem in our schema, which thanks to Ed we can fix
right away (change to PRIVATE-X). I will do all of this and post
a new copy of the web site to begin the ballot period.

I will call for a two week period for the ballot. Any comments you
have during this period should go to the XCBF list so that they will
be archived. Anything you can find during review can be fixed. If
you still have homework outstanding from Baltimore, you can submit
this work as suggested changes to the document under review.

As soon as I post I will announce that the two week ballot period
has started. As they say, please vote early and vote often.


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