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Subject: [xcbf] [Fwd: Re: IBG Teleconference Thursday (1/9): BiometricStandards]


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You seem have omitted the XCBF work going on in OASIS. The
XCBF TC used the ASN.1 schema defined in X9.84:2001 as the
basis for their initial work. The during development of the XCBF
standard, the TC identified several inconsistancies between X9.84
and BioAPI, which in part prompted the early X9.84 revision
currently under ballot.

In the revised version of X9.84, support for the XML message
formats specified in XCBF were added along with the cryptographic
processing for digital signatures and encryption defined in XCBF for
XML markup. This approach provides a simple alternative to the
complex processing requirement used by the W3C XML Digitial
Signature and Encryption standards.

And it is the effort of XCBF that resulted in a common XML markup
representation of the BIR format defined in BioAPI and the biometric
objects defined in X9.84. Now this work is having influene in other
areas, as the OASIS Web Services Security TC has adopted a
contribution from XCBF to define a new web services security
token format that can carry both binary X9.84 and XML markup
formatted payloads.

Phil Griffin

Trevor Prout wrote:

>You are invited to participate in the tenth installment of International
>Biometric Group's Biometric Business and Technology Teleconference series to
>be held on Thursday, January 9 at 1:00 pm ET.
>This month's topic will be "Biometric Standards." The teleconference will
>discuss the rationale behind current biometric standards development,
>outline the different approaches that organizations are taking, and give an
>overview and analysis of relevant biometric standards initiatives such as
>SC37, M1, BioAPI, CBEFF, X9.84, and Common Criteria Testing.
>You will hear from independent experts at International Biometric Group and
>have the opportunity to ask questions as well. Jennifer Kim, Senior
>Consultant, and Michael Thieme, Director of Special Projects, will be on the
>call from International Biometric Group.
>We will also have a guest speaker on the call, Kathy Malnick, Senior
>Engineer at the West Virginia High Technology Consortium Foundation. Ms.
>Malnick will discuss the common criteria scheme and its potential to become
>a standard in the biometric industry.
>WHEN: Thursday, January 9th at 1:00 pm (ET); 10:00 am (PT).
>DIAL IN: 800-475-2151 (US and Canada) or 973-582-2706 (outside of US)
>     Jennifer Kim, Senior Consultant, IBG
>     Michael Thieme, Director of Special Projects, IBG
>     Kathy Malnick, Senior Engineer, WVHTC Foundation
>INFO: Contact Carolyn Rodichok at CRodichok@biometricgroup.com or
>The call is free-of-charge and we recommend that you dial into the
>conference 5-10 minutes prior to the start time.
>The IBG Biometric Business and Technology Teleconference series is designed
>to address the increasingly broad audiences interested in biometrics,
>including investors, developers and the media. Toward that end, the IBG
>Biometric Business and Technology Teleconference series provides timely
>information and insight on the current state of biometrics and the biometric
>International Biometric Group is the leading biometric integration and
>consulting firm, addressing the identification and authentication needs of
>mid-to-large-size organizations since 1996. IBG works on behalf of both
>private and government clients to evaluate, design, and integrate biometric
>solutions for public sector programs, network security, point-of-sale
>applications, Internet applications, physical access and time-and-attendance
>systems. Learn more at http://www.biometricgroup.com.
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>Discussion Group.  Any opinions expressed here do not necessarily
>reflect those of the Biometric Consortium.  Further distribution
>is prohibited.
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