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Subject: [xcbf] OASIS CS ballot

As we enter the ballot period on the question of making the XCBF document
an approved OASIS Committee Specification, a better understanding may be
helpful. See http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/guidelines.shtml#spec_standard
for complete information, but at this link you will find the following:

   From Specification to Standard

   There are two levels of approval of technical work at OASIS:
   the Committee Specification and the OASIS Standard.

   Committee Specification

   The Committee Specification is the completed and approved work of the TC;
   the individual members of the TC vote to approve the work at this level. A
   Committee Specification is work-complete, and people and organizations may
   start implementing it without having to wait for OASIS Standard status, but the
   approval of the specification by OASIS members gives additional credence to
   the spec. There is no requirement that the TC also submit the Committee
   Specification for consideration as an OASIS Standard.

   The vote to approve the work as a Committee Specification requires a 2/3 vote
   of TC members, with no more than 1/4 objecting. As with other TC decisions,
   this decision should minuted and posted to the mail list and web page. The TC
   chair should also notify the TC Administrator so that the specification can be
   added to a web page listing Committee Specifications.


Given an active membership of eleven at this time, a 2/3's vote requires that
7 and 1/3 members approve, and that no more than 2 and 3/4 members
disapprove. This means that 7 members must vote to approve and no more
than three members vote to disapprove.

I vote to approve the current document as an OASIS Committee Specification.
So far this gives us two votes, both  in favor of approval.


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