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xcbf message

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Subject: Current Ballot

Just to clear things up for all members, especially for those
of you who voted long ago on this item, the current issue
under ballot is the following:

So far I have four votes to accept this motion, and Ed's vote
just now, which I believe is to reject this motion. No other
members cast a vote.

So the motion to accept the proposed public review comment
revisions has failed to pass ballot. And our original CS document
stands - though it is now no longer in synch with X9.84:2003, as
all of the proposed revisions were accepted and incorporated
into that work.

I'd be interested in any suggestions as to how the group would
like to move forward. Should we consider our work completed
with publication of our initial CS?

Does anything more remain to be done?


Phillip H. Griffin wrote:

>> Attached with revision bars showing are all changes made as a
>> result of the public comment review.
>> Please take a look at these changes and send a note to the list
>> if you accept these as our new Committee Specification 1.0 as
>> soon as possible.
>> Upon acceptance, I will try to move the process forward and
>> have our work considered by OASIS as an OASIS Standard.
>> Phil

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