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xcbf message

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Subject: XCBF in the News?

Hi Folks,

See http://www.ibia.org/newslett.htm and search on OASIS
or XCBF. I haven't read this completely yet, but I think that
we all should. It refers to the comment made by EPIC during
the XCBF public review period.

For your information, I have contacted the gentleman who
made this comment and asked that he provide two or three lines
of text and a URL for possible inclusion in the XCBF work in
our consideration in addressing his concerns. He responded that
he would soon be traveling out of the country and did not have
time to reply. I told him that I would see what I could do.

With my offer effectively rejected, I decided that I would suggest
that this issue be considered further in the next version of XCBF
along with other issues of concern - handicap access using
biometrics, web services, and MOC capabilities for smart cards.


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