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Subject: Ballot - Will changes be possible later on?


Are the paragraphs below a correct interpretation of the OASIS rules?

Once a CS is approved by the XCBF TC and submitted to OASIS for standard
ballot, it will be impossible to make any changes to it - not even
editorial ones - until after the end of the OASIS ballot.   

- If the OASIS ballot succeeds  (YES >= 10%, NO = 0),  the document is
immediately approved as an OASIS standard in its current form (therefore
it cannot be amended).  

- If the OASIS ballot is a partial success  (YES >= 10%, NO < 10%),  it
will be possible to re-submit an amended CS to OASIS for another ballot.

Therefore, any wished changes that are not applied before TC approval of
the CS must wait until the end of the OASIS ballot, and then they can
only be applied if the ballot ends with a sufficient number of YES votes
and some NO votes.  This is the only way and the only circumstance in
which the document can be amended.

Do you confirm this interpretation?

If the above is correct, I don't see how we can delay the correction of
the problems that currently exist in the text.  The document must be
regarded as being in its definitive form **at this time**, and the
voting must be based on this knowledge.

Of course, I may be misunderstanding the OASIS rules.


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