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Subject: Interpretation of the CS under ballot

Phil, All,

Please confirm my interpretation of the XCBF CS document in the
following two areas:

1) Use of BASE64
2) Use of CXER vs. BASIC-XER

As for (1), my interpretation is that  ***BASE-64 must NOT be used in
actual encodings and message exchanges***,  despite the sentence (line
1542) that mentions use of BASE-64 for certificates to  "minimize their
size when represented using XML markup" 

As for (2), my interpretation is that  ***CXER, and only CXER, must be
used for encoding the WHOLE messages***,  despite the numerous sentences
such as  "This value is always encoded using the XML Encoding Rules"
and the numerous exampes of BASIC-XER encoding.

I think that, if my interpretations above are the same as other
people's, the current imprecisions in the document should not prevent
its progress.  However, I strongly wish that assurance.


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