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Subject: Re: [xcbf] Groups - XCBF XML Common Biometric Format CS April 3 2003.zipuploaded (fwd)

This is not what we agreed in the CS.

And this would not be compatible with X9.84.


Bancroft Scott wrote:

>The crux of the problem that we are having lies around the fact that XCBF
>is using Base64 as an encoding, but Base64 is not available in the current
>version of X.693.  Given this, plus the fact that that only the
>EnvelopedData and SignedData types carry certificates and CRLs, and that
>even in these cases, the certificates and CRLs components are optional
>(and in practice never used), it would solve all our problems if XCBF used
>straight XER and/or CXER encoding.
>In other words, I propose that we drop the use of (currently non-standard
>in XER/CXER) Base64 in XCBF and instead stick to HEX encoding as required
>by XER/CXER.  This would resolve the concerns that everyone, including Ed
>Day, has voiced.

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