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Subject: Re: ASN-1 - XCBF Liaison?

This sounds like a good approach for a version 2.  And your comments and 
suggestions on copyright/IPR issues are interesting, to say the least!

John L

Phillip H. Griffin wrote:
> John,
> This would be great stuff for an annex in version two, which
> I hope to put underway shortly. If we had words like these and
> a simple table of the controls and a brief defintion of what they
> do and a pointer to the standard, we could reference this from
> the body of the document where we need Base64 encoded
> certificates.
> But such an annex whould help to hook XCBF up better to
> XSD based tools. It could provide greater flexibility for
> applications developers.
> Want to write this? You can protect your rights as owner of
> your words as I have. Before I place anything is any standard
> anymore, I first post the words on a web page somewhere on
> my web site.
> This is how I shared my writing between XCBF and X9.84. I
> first put it on my web page, then paraphrased my own words
> as I drafted text for these documents. I figure that each body
> owns their version of the words and I still own mine as well.
> For schema notation this approach was critical, as I could
> not allow the schemas in the two documents to vary. They
> had to be the same for them to interwork, but each standards
> body had to have their own copyright. I got the idea from
> our friend Richard, who spoke at length on copyright law to
> the MoU Management Group, and privately in a subsequent
> string of emails.
> As if doing this technical work itself weren't hard enough.
> Phil
> John Larmouth wrote:
>> Phillip H. Griffin wrote:
>>> John,
>>> I do not have a clue what you mean when you use the term
>>> "EXTENDED-XER". I can find no mention of this term in
>>> any of the ASN.1 standards that XCBF and X9.84 reference.
>> EXTENDED-XER is what was earlier referred to as VXER (Variant XER). 
>> That is just a name change.  Use of it allows encoding instructions to 
>> be applied (without an encoding instruction it does not differ from 
>> BASIC-XER - the new name for what you would call XER).  A single 
>> encoding instruction can modify many of the XER encodings to use text 
>> rather than empty element tags, to provide better alignment with XSD 
>> encodings.  There are also about 20 specific encoding instructions 
>> such as BASE64 that perform specific functions in relation to XML 
>> encodings.
>> Probably the most important such encoding instruction is UNTAGGED, 
>> that removes XML tags round things like a sequence of elements, or a 
>> choice of alternatives, or a sequence of elements, but there are 
>> others that are designed to support XSD-specific functionality, such 
>> but not exclusively, the encoding instructions have been developed to 
>> support the mapping from XSD, and apart from BASE64, are probably not 
>> of particular relevance to the XCBF work.
>> John L

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