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Subject: Chair and Editorhould

Now that Phil has confirmed that he really *is* resigning, I believe we 
need to think for a momenent about what we want from a new Chair and Editor.

I think the primary requirement for the Chair is someone who will take 
full account of the views of the membership of the TC, and produce  the 
technical direction needed for a consensus document to be produced with 
zero NO votes (and will not ballot until that consensus is reasonably 
well secured).

I am not going to critise Phil (OK, so I am!) but we have rushed into 
too many votes before there was a consensus.

I believe the only real requirement for the Editor is someone that is 
prepared to do the editing work, and understands that text has to be 
unambiguous, and consistent with standards it references.  (The Chair 
has to play a part in that as well, but the Editor should play a 
controlling roll here.)

Knowledge of OASIS procedures is also very desirable for the Chair. 
Less important for the Editor.  In neither case do I see technical 
knowledge (except in broad terms) of the area as important. That should 
be provided by the membership, and if Phil remains a member, he will 
surely provide such input.  Both the Chair and Editor roles are 
supportive and facilitating for the work - or should be.  (It would be 
better for Phil and everyone else if Phil provided his technical input 
as a member of the TC, not as the Chair and Editor.  But I do not need 
to make that point, Phil has already resigned from both posts.)

As a purely personal view (and I have not spoken to Monica - sorry 
Monica!), I think that Monica would fit ths spec for a Chair, if she is 
willing to do it.  (I knmow she is involved in many other groups, and 
may feel she does not have the time, but here involvement in other 
related groups also very much strengthens here as a candidate for the 

I have already nominated Paul Thorpe for the Editor post.  I am 
absolutely sere he would do an excellent job, and would fully support 
whoever is appointed as the Chair.

**** I am sure this is not the right way to do nominations in formal 
terms, but consensus is better than formal procedures. ****  Comments 
are invited.

I also believe that further meetings of the group before the new Chair 
(and perhapas also the Editor) are appointed would nbot be a good idea - 
other than to discuss the criteria we want for selecting a Chair and Editor.

Enough for now!!!!

John L

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