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Subject: Re: [xcbf] Chair and Editorhould

On Thu, 17 Apr 2003, John Larmouth wrote:

> I believe the only real requirement for the Editor is someone that is
> prepared to do the editing work, and understands that text has to be
> unambiguous, and consistent with standards it references.  (The Chair
> has to play a part in that as well, but the Editor should play a
> controlling roll here.)
> Knowledge of OASIS procedures is also very desirable for the Chair.
> Less important for the Editor.  In neither case do I see technical
> knowledge (except in broad terms) of the area as important. That should
> be provided by the membership, and if Phil remains a member, he will
> surely provide such input.  Both the Chair and Editor roles are
> supportive and facilitating for the work - or should be.  (It would be
> better for Phil and everyone else if Phil provided his technical input
> as a member of the TC, not as the Chair and Editor.  But I do not need
> to make that point, Phil has already resigned from both posts.)

John is right on both points.  I have worked in a wide range of standards
groups over the last 15 years, including transportation, building
automation, cellular telephony, power utilities, and other areas where
ASN.1 is used, and the description of Editor and Chair requirements above
matches what I have observed in the most successful standards groups.


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