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Subject: Re: [xcbf] Ballot failed, or new version started? Who has approvedthe version 2 draft?


You seem confused about some of the facts. But I'll try
to help clarify.

John Larmouth wrote:
*If* we get technical agreement in the group on where we are heading re
Base64 and on what encoding rules are going to be used, I am sure I can
sort out the text.  But the agreement is essential.
It is 100% agreement that you have demanded. 0% NO votes is what
you required for future changes. Let's not loose sight of that as we move
forward. So, enough whingeing, please. Let's see something positive to improve
and progress the work. How would you change the current draft so
that it is acceptable to 100% of the TC?

Please propose alternative text to replace or augment the text in the
current v2 draft. To reach further agreement, the TC needs to see
a concrete proposal - the actual words you wish to see changed and
your proposed alternative wording.

When your proposed text meets with 100% approval of the TC, it
should then be acceptable by your own stated requirements.


We can discuss how v2 (which I think Phil is keen on) should best be progressed at a later date.

John L

Bancroft Scott wrote:
On Thu, 17 Apr 2003, John Larmouth wrote:

Hm.  Back to the drawying board on the Editor!  Pity. Paul would have
done a good job.

Do you have the bandwidth to do this, John?  Note that Phil has already
done the vast majority of the work, and relatively little remains to be


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