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Subject: Teleconference, agenda, version 2, and my resignation from TC membership

Dear XCBF members, Chair,

I see that no account has been taken of my suggested additions to the
Agenda of this meeting.  Nor did I receive any answer or explanation
about why my suggestion was rejected.

In my understanding, the objective of the TC was to produce a standard.
We now have a CS that is almost good for progression as an OASIS
standard, apart from a couple of minor editorial changes that are still
needed (removal of mention of BASE64 and clarification about the use of
CXER).  It would be perfectly possible, at this point, to make these
changes to the document in less than one day, re-approve the document as
a CS, and submit the CS to OASIS by May 15.

However, this does not seem to be happening.  Rather, the Chair has
apparently stopped pursuing the objective of the TC - to produce a
standard.  He has apparently lost any interest in the current document
and has decided, without any specific input from the TC and without
hearing the views of other members - or worse, contrary to the views
expressed by some of them - to start a new version of the document.

The benefits of a new version of XCBF are very unclear at this point,
and anyway, such a decision should have been the result of a thoughtful
discussion within the TC (which has never taken place).

I increasingly feel that being a member of this TC has not been, in the
last few months, the best use of my time, especially since my
contributions and my suggestions as a member have been constantly
disregarded by the Chair.  

Therefore, I resign my TC member status immediately.  I wish to remain
an observer in this TC.  I wish the best to the TC and the Chair and
hope they will produce a successful standard.


Alessandro Triglia
OSS Nokalva

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