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xcbf message

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Subject: Re: [xcbf] Discussion document on XCBF spec

To reply to my own message:

John Larmouth wrote:

> I understand that you should be getting notification of that upload 
> automatically, but it has not come back to *me* yet.

It still has not come (but I understand that others have got it).  Maybe 
the person posting the document does not get the noticiation?  But this 
is not the first time that OASIS mailings have taken a couple of days to 
reach me when others have got them (don't know why - guess the server is 

> (There is no formal mechanism - even with Amendment 1 in place - to 
> formally forbid a HEX encoding.  You can allow a BASE64 encoding as an 
> encoder's option, but you cannot express formally that you require 
> (only) that to be used instead of HEX.

I got this wrong - getting too old!  The BASE64 encoding instruction 
*does* prohibit use of HEX (otherwise we would have ambiguous 
encodings), but it does NOT mandate BASE64 - use of XML mark-up for the 
contents is still allowed as an encoders option.

Sorry for the wrong information.

(I don't think this affects the main discussion on what we want for XCBF.)

John L

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