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Subject: Re: [xcbf] Bi-weekly XCBF telecon

On Sat, 17 May 2003, John Larmouth wrote:

> Can I repeat my request that instead of a telecon, we use a NetMeeting
> Chat session?

NetMeeting is fine with me.  I've used it many times and it works just
fine - plus there are the benefits that you mention.


> The latter puts all participants (international or US) on the same
> financial footing (free), but most importantly, it provides a complete
> transcript of what is said in the meeting, allowing a more relaxed
> meeting where you can, if necessary, be interrupted or diverted but not
> miss what has been said.
> If a shared application is also used, it enables all participants to see
> and to agree any minutes that are produced at the time.
> Finally, it enables documents to be displayed for discussion and
> amendment or the addition of comment.
> Maybe the one-hour session could be split into an initial telecon chat,
> then a trial NetMeeting.  If others find the latter works well (and I am
> sure they will), we can move the balance in that direction for future
> meetings.
> If we do not do this for the meeting on the 23rd, I would like to see
> this proposal on the Agenda for the 23rd.  Thank you Tyky.
> John L
> PS It is not difficult to host such meetings, and I could do so myself,
> but Paul Thorpe has a permanent IP address, which makes things easier,
> and has considerable experience in hosting such meetings.  I suggest
> that if we DO decide to use that medium, we rely on Paul for the
> hosting.  (If people do not have experience of this medium, Paul is
> usually quite happy to give advice on setting up the software and in
> conducting a trial session with him in advance of any real meeting.)
> Tyky Aichelen wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> > Hi Team,
> > Thanks to you all for your input on the subject. So here is the proposal re
> > Telecon:
> > Bi-weekkly XCBF telecon
> > Time: 9:00AM Pacific Time
> > Length: 1-hour
> > Starting on May 23, 2003, going through the end of the year.
> > Telecon Agenda: I will post each telecon's agenda on the Web site ahead of
> > time prior to the call day, so folks would have enough time to be prepared.
> > Submit to me any item you would like to be covered and I will include them
> > in the agenda.
> > Minutes: Right after each telecon, I will post its minutes on the site.
> > Cancellation or Addition: If needed, we will jointly decide on cancelling a
> > specific telecon on a specific Friday (due to holidays, not necessary,
> > conflicts, etc.) or on adding a special call (for rush period of editing,
> > issues to be resolved asap, meeting dealine, etc.)
> >
> > Jamie: We start the call on May 23, so we have enough time to prepare the
> > agenda and so you can attend. I know you cannot make at 9:00 AM PT this
> > Friday May 16 (tomorrow).
> >
> > Team: Any suggestions for May 23 agenda. How about we have an assessment of
> > where we are at now with the CS and where we want to go, what to do next.
> >
> > Best regards,
> > Tyky Aichelen
> >
> >
> >
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