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Subject: Re: [xcbf] NetMeeting

On Wed, 21 May 2003, Tyky Aichelen wrote:

> Hi Paul: Thanks for volunteering! So between Paul and I,  we can help set
> up all of you for NetMeeting.
> I just try it  on my machine and called up a few others to try out a
> session. It works OK!
> But now, I have another issue: I check with my company's security folks,
> they say it is against corporate security guidelines to use NetMeeting
> because of security exposures.
> NetMeeting is not secure. People can see all on your machine, share all
> applications, etc. ..so its usage is a corporate security breach for many
> companies. Does anyone else also has this security issue with their
> corporate folks?

It allows you to see what it on your machine or share applications only if
you give permission in the NetMeeting sharing dialog box.  Note that even
when I host a NetMeeting, I use the regular NetMeeting program, not the
Server version that reportedly has significant security problems.

> I am exploring eMeeting. It is known to be secure. My company recommends
> eMeeting instead of NetMeeting.

Is eMeeting free?  If so, this may be worth trying.  Anyone who has
Windows on their machine has NetMeeting.

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