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xcbf message

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Subject: Reminder: Please vote XCBF ballot today. Need 1 more YES

Hi Team,
The ballot closing was set to tomorrow 6/17 at 11:00AM PT and is listed so.
But some other place on the Web also listed it as 4:00AM PT. I do not know
why the system did this. So it might block you out from voting tomorrow
after 4:00AM PT. So please vote NOW !!!!

As of 6/16, 2:20PM, we have 62% YES votes returned (8 of 13). Thanks to
those of you who had voted .

However, it is NOT enough to pass. We need at least 67% (two thirds yes
It means we need one more YES vote, otherwise our TC hard work is in vain.
The industry needs this standard.  Development folks are waiting to
implement. OASIS rely on us with timely deliveries. We had been delaying
this spec. long enough the last few months. We need to progress forward.
Please...Please...Would the five remaining TC voting members ( Paul Thorpe,
Dr. Paul Gerome, Phil Griffin, John Messing, and Clifford Thompson) vote
today or tonight !!!!
If you don't vote, would you please be kind to tell us in the TC the reason
holding you so we can address it as action items.

Thank you in advance.
Tyky Aichelen
OASIS XCBF Chairwoman

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