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xcbf message

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Subject: Reminder to call in at this Friday 8/29 9:00AM XCBF telecon

Hi Team,
Please remember to call in at this Friday 8/29/03 9:00AM PT XCBF telecon.
As you had seen from our TC Web site, I had proposed one item (Discuss the
status of OASIS formal standardization voting for XCBF CS 1.1 ).
Does anyone propose any other item for the agenda? Please let me know so I
can add it.

Our CS 1.1 had been in OASIS submission and familiarization phases the past
few weeks, so there was less TC  activity while folks are patiently waiting
out for the process. As the result, very few people called in last few
telecons, also due to their summer vacations.
But now as the summer is ending and the voting is in its final days, please
make an effort and call in so we can achieve quorum call. We need to
discuss the status of the vote so far and our TC next step.

Thank you in advance.

Tyky Aichelen
OASIS XML Common Biometric Format  TC Chair

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