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xcbf message

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Subject: Follow up results and Names of remaining TC roster company reps

Hi Team,
We currently had 26 Yes. We must have 33 total at least.
Please look up this Web site to follow up on the voting:

Finally, I got the name of the reps (but I still don't have their phone

The following (TC roster) companies and reps still did not vote on XCBF:

Karen Kalnins (Pri)  American Bar Association
Larri Hollowood (Pri) Bank of America
William Cox (Pri) BEA Systems
Terry Bjornsen (Pri)   Booz Allen Hamilton
Stefan Ri (Pri) Microsoft
Michael Nguyen(Pri)  The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
Eduardo Gutentag (Pri) Sun Microsystems
 Please talk to them to have them                                          
 vote before the deadline.                                                 
 (BTW FYI: IBM had voted YES already)                                      

Please call in at 11:00AM now for our telecon.
Best regards,

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