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Subject: [xcbf] Consider John Messing of ABA's verbal vote as the required #33 YESvote

Hi Karl,

The XCBF TC members believes the verbal YES vote of John Messing of
American Bar Association (ABA) is a valid OASIS vote and counting towards
the final tally of  XCBF as an OASIS standard. Thus it is the #33 YES vote
required to pass.

Since the system is not fixed to reflect his correct status as eligible ABA
voting rep since June despite his repeated requests, this causes him and
ABA to be unable to cast his YES vote via the OASIS on-line voting tool.
In light of this fact, his verbal YES vote of Friday August 29 is
considered a valid YES vote for OASIS XCBF 1.1.

This standard from XCBF had met the requirements for formal

Best regards,
Tyky Aichelen
OASIS XML Common Biometric Format  TC Chair
DMTF CIM-SOAP/WSCIM Technical Workgroup Chair
Systems Strategy and Architecture
IBM Systems Group
tyky@us.ibm.com -  Lotus Notes: Tyky Aichelen/San Jose/IBM
1-408-256-5178 - T/L: 276-5178

----- Forwarded by Tyky Aichelen/San Jose/IBM on 08/31/2003 07:52 AM -----
                      Tyky Aichelen/San                                                                                        
                      Jose/IBM@IBMUS           To:       Karl Best <karl.best@oasis-open.org>, jamie.clark@oasis-open.org      
                                               cc:       jmessing@law-on-line.com, Michael Weiner/Almaden/IBM@IBMUS,           
                      08/30/2003 10:03          xcbf@lists.oasis-open.org                                                      
                      PM                       Subject:  [xcbf] Critical & Urgent: John Messing of ABA must vote               

Please help!  Help!!!!!
This is critical. As of now, XCBF has 32 YES votes. John Messing wants to
vote YES before the deadline Aug.31, but because the OASIS system lists
Karen Kalnins incorrectly for ABA, he is not able to get into the system to
vote. Please correct his name immediately as the voting rep for ABA, so he
can vote.
The deadline is tomorrow Aug.31, time is running out.
As the system showed, XCBF already reached 10% required YES votes to pass
with 32 YES votes. If you require 33 YES votes, you must fix your rep name
system asap so Jim Messing can vote. If you did not fix on time before the
poll closes, please consider Jim Messing's ABA vote as the 33rd YES.

Best regards,
Tyky Aichelen
OASIS XML Common Biometric Format  TC Chair

----- Forwarded by Tyky Aichelen/San Jose/IBM on 08/30/2003 09:51 PM -----


                      <jmessing@law-on-        To:
<jmessing@law-on-line.com>, Tyky Aichelen/San Jose/IBM@IBMUS
                      line.com>                cc:

                                               Subject:  Re: Please have
Karen Kalnins of ABA vote YES for XCBF
                      08/30/2003 08:57


                      Please respond to


Can you tell me where you got this information? The Board of Governors of
the ABA appointed me as the representative to OASIS with voting powers in

---------- Original Message ----------------------------------
From: Tyky Aichelen <tyky@us.ibm.com>
Date:  Fri, 29 Aug 2003 22:13:37 -0700

>Karen Kalnins from American Bar Association is listed as OASIS voting rep.
>Please talk to her and remind her to vote YES immediately for XCBF.
>The system shows that American Bar Association still did not vote.
>We are short of 2 YES votes. Please help.
>Best regards,
>Tyky Aichelen
>OASIS XML Common Biometric Format  TC Chair

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