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xcbf message

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Subject: Re: 9/12 telecon

Hi William,

I am sorry to forget to send out a notification. It is cancelled due to
lack of quorum call and due to several people being tied up at other
biometrics conferences.
I was so busy working the launch campaign of XCBF, so things slipped my
mind. My apology.

 But next telecon on 9/26, as folks are coming back, I will send out the
day before a reminder. Please all of you must call in to each quorum, so we
can discuss our next course and listen to John (L.) report on the
conference in Italy.

Best regards,
Tyky Aichelen
OASIS XML Common Biometric Format  Technical Committee Chair

                      "Riippi, William                                                                                         
                      S."                      To:       Tyky Aichelen/San Jose/IBM@IBMUS                                      
                      <WRiippi@mtgmc.co        cc:                                                                             
                      m>                       Subject:  9/12 telecon                                                          
                      09/12/2003 09:05                                                                                         

I have called in to the conference call at:

Dial in number: 1-866-953-9184
Participation code: 781875

Are these the correct numbers?  No one else is on the call.

William S. Riippi, Manager
Homeland Security Practice Area
MTG Management Consultants
1111 3rd Avenue, Suite 2700
Seattle, WA 98101
(206)442-5010  Office
(253)312-6805  Mobile
(206)442-5011  Fax

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