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Subject: Re: [xcbf] conference call outcome

(Not sure whether Bancroft and Paul and Olivier are still on the XCBF list, so 
copied to them just in case.)


Sorry I missed the meeting - I am afraid I plain forgot.

I *think* I understand what the CBEFF alignment ("profiling") means, thanks to a 
  Chat with Alessandro.  Clearly this can be done if we think it worth-while: 
that is, if Fernando will accept and back the end-result;  it is possible he is 
using this as an excuse, and that further work will not advance the cause.

If we are to proceed, we need to determine time-scales.  It is unlikely that we 
can have anything done in time for the Sydney input deadline (I am up to my 
eyebrows with CBEFF, BIoAPI, ASN.1 OID stuff, and BIP that will take me well 
into the New Year, but could probably have a document available by the Sydney 

I guess we need to caucus with Fernando at that meeting if we are to proceed?

Can you handle NetMeeting?  I believe that a NetMeeting session with you, me and 
and Alessandro (probably hosted by Paul Thorpe, because he is good at that!) and 
possibly including Bancroft, who is good at deciding what is a good political 
direction,  might be the best way to proceed.

John L

Randall Rick wrote:

> hello all,
> I apologize (again) to all for being an hour late to the conference
> call.  I especially apologize to you, Dr. Larmouth.  :-)
> Three of us joined the "hour late" version of the call just a few
> minutes ago:  John Messing, Alessandro Triglia, and myself.  We did not
> have a quorum, so no official actions could be taken.  However, the
> informal consensus of the three of us on the call was that John Larmouth
> should be empowered to proceed with developing the "profiled" version of
> XCBF to bring XCBF into compliance with the current CD of the Augmented
> CBEFF spec going through SC37.  (Perhaps we can formalize this with a
> XCBF TC vote on the OASIS web site?)
> Respectfully yours,
>  ~ Rick Randall
>    703-902-5388
>    randall_rick@bah.com
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    Prof John Larmouth
    Larmouth T&PDS Ltd
    (Training and Protocol Development Services Ltd)
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    Cheshire WA14 3LS
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