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Subject: Re: [xcbf] conference call outcome


I have spoken with Fernando four times about this topic (CBEFF
alignment/profiling) since September.  He has consistently said that he
is in favor of fast tracking XCBF as long as it is aligned with
Augmented CBEFF.

Yes, I can do netmeeting.  I am also willing to help with any OASIS
procedural steps that are required as a prerequisite to doing the
netmeeting.  :-)

Happy holidays...

 ~ Rick Randall

John Larmouth wrote:
> (Not sure whether Bancroft and Paul and Olivier are still on the XCBF list, so
> copied to them just in case.)
> Rick,
> Sorry I missed the meeting - I am afraid I plain forgot.
> I *think* I understand what the CBEFF alignment ("profiling") means, thanks to a
>   Chat with Alessandro.  Clearly this can be done if we think it worth-while:
> that is, if Fernando will accept and back the end-result;  it is possible he is
> using this as an excuse, and that further work will not advance the cause.
> If we are to proceed, we need to determine time-scales.  It is unlikely that we
> can have anything done in time for the Sydney input deadline (I am up to my
> eyebrows with CBEFF, BIoAPI, ASN.1 OID stuff, and BIP that will take me well
> into the New Year, but could probably have a document available by the Sydney
> meeting.
> I guess we need to caucus with Fernando at that meeting if we are to proceed?
> Can you handle NetMeeting?  I believe that a NetMeeting session with you, me and
> and Alessandro (probably hosted by Paul Thorpe, because he is good at that!) and
> possibly including Bancroft, who is good at deciding what is a good political
> direction,  might be the best way to proceed.
> John L
> Randall Rick wrote:
> > hello all,
> >
> > I apologize (again) to all for being an hour late to the conference
> > call.  I especially apologize to you, Dr. Larmouth.  :-)
> >
> > Three of us joined the "hour late" version of the call just a few
> > minutes ago:  John Messing, Alessandro Triglia, and myself.  We did not
> > have a quorum, so no official actions could be taken.  However, the
> > informal consensus of the three of us on the call was that John Larmouth
> > should be empowered to proceed with developing the "profiled" version of
> > XCBF to bring XCBF into compliance with the current CD of the Augmented
> > CBEFF spec going through SC37.  (Perhaps we can formalize this with a
> > XCBF TC vote on the OASIS web site?)
> >
> >
> > Respectfully yours,
> >
> >  ~ Rick Randall
> >    703-902-5388
> >    randall_rick@bah.com
> >
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> >
> >
> >
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>     Larmouth T&PDS Ltd
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