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Subject: What is the status of the TC?

Hi Tyky and all others:

We have not had a call for some time. At the last call, there was talk, in the absence of a quorum, about integrating the efforts of the TC with efforts in other non-OASIS standards bodies.

What is the status?

In the eTrust subcommittee of the ABA which deals with eNotarization, and currently meets with the LegalXML-OASIS eNotary TC, inquiries have been posed by participants about the use of biometrics for eNotary purposes. Phil Griffin was keen about biometrics and web services when he was chair and active in the joint security TC; at one time he proposed, with me, the development of a biometrics-to-key standard in the context of this TC that that would modernize an earlier one and might pave the way for use of biometrics in all kinds of web services applications.

Apart from a recent virus-laden spoofed message to the list, I have heard nothing.

Can we have a status check on the continued work of the TC?


Best regards.

John Messing

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