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Subject: Re: [xcbf] [Fwd: Invitation to the Kick-Off Meeting of the Focusgroup on Biometrics Standardization]

Karl et al,

I would be interested in representing OASIS XCBF interests on this Focus Group, 
but unfortunately will need to give my apologies for absence from the Kick-Off 
meeting, as it clashes with an ASN.1 SC6 meeting.

John L

Karl F. Best wrote:

> XCBF TC members:
> OASIS has been notified of the formation of a focus group on biometrics 
> at CEN. We (OASIS staff) would be interested in hearing from you how we 
> should respond to this invitation. Could you please respond to me in the 
> next week or so:
> 1. If there is any part of the proposed scope of work that overlaps with
> the scope of work of the OASIS XCBF TC.
> 2. If OASIS needs to be involved in this new Focus Group to help promote
> the XCBF OASIS Standard.
> 3  If any member of the OASIS XCBF TC wants to join the CEN/ISSS Focus
> Group on Biometrics Standardization, or if the XCBF TC needs to form a
> formal liaison to this FG.
> Based on your response we can make a decision how to move forward with 
> any involvment by OASIS in this effort.
> thanks
> -Karl
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Van den Berghe Luc [mailto:luc.vandenberghe@CENORM.BE]
> Sent: Thursday, May 06, 2004 11:04 AM
> Subject: FW: Invitation to the Kick-Off Meeting of the Focus group on
> Biometrics Standardization
> Invitation below is extended to ICTSB and NISSG.
> Dear all,
> I would like to invite you to the Kick-Off meeting of the Focus Group on
> Biometrics Standardization that will take place on 24 June in the
> CEN/CENELEC Meeting Centre (Meeting Room Galileo) in Brussels, starting
> at 10H30 and finishing by 17H at the very latest.
> For logistic reasons, I would like you to confirm attendance to
> luc.vandenberghe@cenorm.be <mailto:luc.vandenberghe@cenorm.be> before 15
> June 2004.
> An initial 4 documents are attached:
> Document ISSS/FG/BIOMETRICS 1 containing the Draft Meeting Agenda
> Document ISSS/FG/BIOMETRICS 2 containing the DRAFT Terms of Reference
> for the CEN/ISSS Focus Group on Biometric standardization issues, for
> approval by the meeting; if you have important comments to make before
> the Kick-Off Meeting, then please send them to me before 15 June to
> optimize meeting time
> Document ISSS/FG/BIOMETRICS 3 containing the Report (including comments
> received) of the preparatory meeting of 25/02 last
> Document ISSS/FG/BIOMETRICS 4 containing a first proposal for a request
> to DG ENTR for financial support through a Grant
> Agreement; this is for discussion at the Kick-Off meeting and the
> planned submission date is mid September (unless we can justify the need
> for a quicker process i.e. submission by 15 June).
> (I zipped them into a single zip-file)
> The announcement of this Kick-Off Meeting will also be sent to the ISSS
> Forum list (containing contact points for all CEN NSBs), and will also
> be posted on the CEN/ISSS web-site.
> Finally, at the Kick-Off meeting, we will appoint a Chairman as well as
> a Secretariat (the latter has to be a NSB) for the Focus Group.
> Candidatures for both positions should be sent to
> luc.vandenberghe@cenorm.be <mailto:luc.vandenberghe@cenorm.be> before 15
> June 2004. For the Chair, s short CV is requested. For the Secretariat,
> a short description of the NSB?s interest and of the NSB?s staff
> expertise on the subject is requested.
> ==============================
> Luc Van den Berghe - Workshop Manager
> CEN/ISSS - Information Society Standardization System
> Rue de Stassart 36, B-1050 Brussels
> Tel (direct): + 32 2 550 09 57
> Tel (secretariat): + 32 2 550 08 13
> Fax: + 32 2 550 09 66
> E-mail:  luc.vandenberghe@cenorm.be
> URL: http://www.cenorm.be/isss
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Larmouth T&PDS Ltd
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