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Subject: questions about browser-viewable copies on xdi.org

I'm again confused how we use the Github repo, XdiOneSpecs wiki page, Kavi, and xdi.org hosted documents in the spec writing process.

In Github we have xdi-core-1.0-wd02.xml, xdi-bindings-1.0-wd02.xml, xdi-messaging-1.0-wd02.xml

On the XdiOneSpecs wiki page, why do we only have a link to xdi-core-1.0-wd02.xml, but not to the others?

On the xdi.org server there is even xdi-core-1.0-wd03.xml, which is neither in Github on the master branch, nor on the XdiOneSpecs wiki page .

On the xdi.org server in /usr/share/nginx/xdi.org/xdi-spec-docbook, I tried to do a "git pull" to get the lastet versions of everything in the master branch, but there are uncommitted local changes, so the "git pull" doesn't work. Why do we manually edit the working drafts on the xdi.org server?


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