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Subject: URGENT: XDI TC MEMBERS - First f2f Meeting Plans

XDI TC Members:

Although none of us are official members of the XDI TC until the first
meeting on Feb. 20, at OASIS's request we must begin planning for an XDI TC
f2f meeting at the OASIS Symposium, 26-27 April, New Orleans.

Full details are available by following the link below. The main Symposium
meeting on the 26th and 27th will be followed by TC meeting days, and the
XDI TC is planning to meet f2f on Wed. the 28th.

If you can possibly attend this meeting, the key action item is to BOOK YOUR
HOTEL ROOM RIGHT AWAY. The hotel allocates free meeting space based on the
number of hotel rooms, so we need all TC members who plan to attend to make
reservations right away.

We'll discuss all of this in more detail on our first telecon, Friday Feb.
20 at 2pm PT, but in the meantime, PLEASE MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS to attend
the Symposium on the 26 and 27th (if you can) and particularly the XDI TC
f2f on Wed. the 28th.

Thank you,

Drummond Reed & Geoffrey Strongin,
XDI TC Co-Conveners


Announcing the OASIS Symposium, 26-27 April, New Orleans

OASIS has announced the Call for Presentations for the OASIS Symposium on
Reliable Infrastructures for XML. The forum will provide opportunities for
OASIS members to exchange and coordinate work, promote interoperability and
identify new areas for development. TC meetings and the OASIS Annual General
Meeting will also be held in conjunction with the symposium, all members are
strongly urged to attend.


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