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Subject: XRI (and xdi?) public discussion list?

The recent thread on how to construct an XRI for a particular purpose was an excellent exposition of the architectural precepts behind XRI, and its a great example of the types of questions potential users and developers are going to have, moving forward.
Since there is likely to be an *increase* in these sorts of questions, from folk outside OASIS as well as within, I propose we setup some form of *public* email list for discussion and guidance on the use of XRIs. This is outside the standards-setting process of OASIS and should be open to anyone (perhaps with moderation?) and should be publicly archived.
I do not believe OASIS provides these facilities, but there are a number of ways we could do this without OASIS support. A variety of XRI and/or XDI participants have the facilities for hosting publicly archived email lists and this could be done in short order. Or, we could set up a yahoogroup.
The list would be something like xrixdi@<somehost>.com
I think we on the TCs can then use this discussion list (which is two way, as opposed to the comment list at Oasis, which is one way) to feed our discussions, especially as pertaining to education and positioning. More importantly, however, I think this email list will be valuable as an educational device to get the word out about XRI, XDI and the use of these technologies. There would be no requirement on the part of XRI or XDI TC members to paricipate. No standards making decisions would be made in these lists.
There is precedent for this. The W3C Semantic Web "Interest Group"  (formerly the RDF Interest Group) has a public email list which is used for discussion of RDF& Semantic Web, but is not where normative discussions about RDF take place (that happens within the tighter confines of the RDF Core Working Group at W3C).
See http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/interest/
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